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Centre for Gambling Education and Research

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Welcome to the website of the Centre for Gambling Education and Research (CGER). Established in 2003 as a research centre at Southern Cross University, the CGER is Australia's longest-standing and leading gambling research centre and has major impacts on gambling policy, practice, and research in Australia and overseas.

The CGER has attracted more research funding than any other Australian centre. It leads the Australian gambling research field in grants, publications, keynote presentations, invited testimonies and submissions to government inquiries, media engagements, advisory appointments, and editorial and review roles. The CGER also has high international recognition, extensive international collaborations and is amongst the five most productive gambling research centres worldwide.

The CGER conducts research and consulting in the area of gambling, with a specific focus on research to inform responsible gambling. This ranges from basic psychological research to understand gambling behaviours to designing and evaluating strategies to facilitate and encourage responsible gambling through changing consumer behaviour, industry operations and government policy. CGER members are regularly invited to work with community groups, treatment providers, research organisations, government departments, and representatives of the gambling industry. It is our policy that working with all stakeholders who are concerned with gambling and related problems is the most appropriate way to reduce gambling-related harms in Australia and worldwide.

Updated: 22 March 2016